Sources for neatline demo

Omeka item sources

Postcards from the Davidson archives –

Neatline ‘sandbox’ site

Neatline examples

Historical maps overlayed over current map, with added features:

Multiple overlayed maps:

Features on an included base map:

Neatline exhibit built on an image:



Omeka Dashboard – The front page of Omeka admin – where you get to items, exhibits, collections

Omeka Plugin – A tool that modifies Omeka – Neatline is an Omeka plugin

Omeka Item – A “thing” in Omeka, defined by metadata, and can be associated with an image, video, sound file, etc.

Omeka Collection – A group of Omeka items

Omeka Exhibit – A styled group of Omeka items, often with text and a particular style. You can put Omeka collections or individual Omeka items in an exhibit.


Neatline Dashboard – The front page of Neatline admin – where you add Neatline records, style the Neatline exhibit, import Omeka items

Neatline Record – The analog of an item in Omeka, but wheras you can import Omeka items into Neatline, you can only create Neatline records in Neatline

Neatline Widget – A tool that modifies Neatline – sort of like a plugin for Omeka

Slug – the end of a url associated with a Neatline record. This can be set you, or can be automatically generated

Title – The title of a Neatline record

Body – The text associated with a Neatline record

Link to Omeka Item – Allows the linking of a Neatline record to an Omeka item

Map>Drawing Tools – Allows you to draw features (dots, lines, polygons) on the map

Style>Colors – Allows you to change the color of a feature on the map

Style>Opacities – Allows you to change the opacity of a feature on the map

Style>Dates – Allows you to define the beginning and end of the record on a timeline, and when the item will be visible or invisible.



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